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First games with balls in the billiard encyclopedia you can find described from even Egypt period, but more similar to present billiard you can see in picture, painted in 1589 by Andriaen Van Venne (more opinions about billiard history you can find in Vikipedia )

Billiard is really good expedient for leisure. Nowdays when full of information, billiard games are real opportunity  to relax, to have fun with friends or your family, or maybe just play by yourself, enjoying the game. In order to satisfy all needs of different level billiard players, many different billiard tournaments are organized, many new billiard tables are created, many adjustments to present billiard style and  design are being made, many articles about billiard games are written...


Billiard table ROSSI - traditional creation of architecture with exceptional stability and reliability. The design of this product got BCA prize in international billiard exhibition (Sands Expo Center Las Vegas 1999). Despite the sophisticated outside looking, construction of this table is simple, which cause amazing exploitation


Billiard table DIJONAS - is your exceptional chance to become architect of your own billiard table. Unlimited quantity of solutions: choose desirable cushion edgings and design of pockets, shape of additional chickness for frame and decor, then adjust desirable design of legs and choose colours for wood and cloth. And everything you can do in your computer monitor.



Billiard table PRONTO - is your possibility to escape from the trivial round without coming from your home. You do not need to have your own billiard room, you just need to take out your billiard diner table dining top, take billiard cues and balls and you are ready to play billiard game.




Billiard table PROVIJUS - harmony of classical construction and professionality. This is our most popular model, which billiard features are recognized with ICP certificate.

Other billiard tables models

In order to choose billiard table, you must choose desirable billiard game. Rules of different billiard games (Pool, Snooker, Russian Pyramid, English Pool, Carom) you can find in web sites of billiard federations:

     Russian Pyramid
     English Pool

Then you need to decide what size what size billiard table you can put in your room. 

Also it is very important to know construction know construction of billiard table and manufacturer warranty.

 As concerns billiard tables and advices, please, contact...

If you still can not make your desicion, you always can just play billiard game ..... 






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