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We manufacture billiard tables since 1988. Because of not being satisfied with assortment of billiard tables and their quality we set up separate company in 1994, which main activity is manufacturing billiard tables.

We really care that our manufactured billiard tables would have future.


Bilijardai JSC continuous product warranty warrants for all Russian pyramid, American pool, English pool, Snooker and Carom billiard tables against defects in material or workmanship (excluding normal wear and tear). For billiard models "Eko"  and other products warranty is one year. We’ll repair or replace any part of billiard table, if it is proved that it has defect. Warranty is not available, if product is sold or used for commercial purposes. More information about the product warranty and it’s duration you will find below:


  • Continuous product warranty is non-transferable and applies to purchaser from Bilijardai JSC or it’s authorized dealer.
  • Cloth, pockets and rubber for cushions are not covered by this warranty. Warranty is also not available, if product is not installed and serviced by Bilijardai JSC or it’s authorized dealer.
  • Warranty is not available, if products with stainless steel details care is not   followed "Products with stainless steel details care instruction"
  • Plexiglas details must be cleaning with wet cotton without any chemical. Otherwise warranty for Plexiglas details is not available
  •  For Plexiglas details and LED warranty is one year.
  •  Guarantee for gas springs of billiard table lifting mechanism is one year.  Lifting power of these springs depends on environment temperature (see manufacturer‘s diagram).
  • Any claim under this warranty must be made through Bilijardai JSC or it’s authorized dealer.
  • All parts must be sent directly to manufacturer Bilijardai JSC, but transportation costs must be confirmed in advance. If Bilijardai JSC identifies that parts really are defective, they will be repaired or replaced and sent back to customer. All these costs will be paid by Bilijardai JSC or it’s authorized dealer. If the claim occurs more than one year from the date of original purchase, customer will have to pay transportation costs.
  • Repairs or replacement of any defective parts shall constitute complete fulfillment of all obligations with respect of product. This warranty does not require the replacement of the entire Russian pyramid, American pool, English pool, Snooker and Carom billiard table.
  • All our billiard tables are manufactured in Europe. Bilijardai JSC does not assume or authorize any person or company to assume for Bilijardai JSC any other obligations or liability regarding our products. This warranty does not apply to damage, which was caused by accident, mechanical breaches, usage for particular purpose, flood, fire, earthquake and other natural calamity.


Diagram of lifting power of gas springs

We have chosen optimal power, needed for lifting table in optimal temperature 20 C, so in lower temperature it will be more difficult to lift table, in higher temperature, gas springs possibly will lift table too stronglys/fast:


Products with stainless steel details care instruction


Initial cleaning is done before you start using stainless steel surfaces. If they were protected correctly it is enough just to clean surfaces simply. Adhesive plastic skin, which covers stainless steel surface during manufacturing, transportation and assemblage processes, protects surfaces from mechanical and chemical damages. However because of long durability effect of ultraviolet, features of this skin are changed and glue sticks to the surface and to clean traces of that is rather difficult. Because of this reason mentioned adhesive plastic skin must be removed as soon as it is already not necessary.


Cleaning must be done, following direction of texture. The best option is to use spray cleaner, as it makes it much easier by spraying very thin coat of cleaner. These cleaners removes finger marks and other small dirtiness and reduce possibility of further their development. For more complicated spots you must use special cleaners for stainless steel, intended to remove limescale and corrosion. You can buy them in specialized shops. After such cleaning you must remove remaining liquid with fresh or distilled water and make surface dry in order to avoid marks of water seepage, especially if the water was hard. Finger marks most visible on specular surfaces. They can be removed by using soapsuds or special cleaner and soft textile. After cleaning it is highly recommended to polish surface, using dry material.


You should avoid any coming dirtiness, first of all securing stainless steel products by keeping them covered and build them only after other works, which can cause dirtiness, are already done. Olive, oil and mud spots can be removed, using cleaners, which basis is alcohol, methyl spirit, or acetone solvent. These products do not cause corrosion.

Paint spots are processed with chalky or solvent basis cleaning measures. You should spray special cleaner on surface, leave for several minutes and after that wash well with water. Before you start cleaning, you must be sure that cleaning measures, medical and industrial safety information, given by manufacturer, is completely understood. If you have any doubts, please, contact representatives of cleaning measures or stainless steel products.


It is forbidden to clean stainless steel surfaces with cleaning measures, in which consist there are any hydrochloride acid or chlorides.  Also you can not use any scrub powder as in their consist there are abrasive details, which can cause scratches on the surface. If  for any reasons mentioned measures were used for cleaning stainless steel surfaces, you must immediately clean them with fresh water and clean with special measures, which would remove composed oxides and other compounds.

Measures with coaly steel basis, for example, steel brushes, treads, grids can not be used for cleaning stainless steel, as they can leaves micro iron details, which after some time effected by atmosphere humidity can become spot seed for corrosion . You should also avoid using knives and hard scrapers as you can scratch surfaces.


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